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Airport delays possible during the London Olympics

Should we stay or should we go? For the London Olympics, that‘s the question our medical travel insurance customers are asking themselves this summer.  We have Stephen Fry and Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame trying to convince us to holiday in the UK, and now we have the threat of airport chaos, with Britain’s leading airlines warning that passengers could face severe delays and disruptions at London’s airports during the Olympic Games.
For our medical conditions travel insurance customers who are going abroad during the Games we would urge you to be prepared for delays at the airport.  If you take medication make sure you carry extra supplies with you and make sure you try to stick to your usual meal times.  Delays can mean missed meals and this can interfere with the taking of medication, so don’t hang out for your in-flight meal, although expensive it is worth having a meal in the airport so you can stick to your usual routine. Sticking to medication and eating routine is especially important if you are one of our diabetes travel insurance customers.
And finally, airport delays can also mean longer spent in the departure lounge bar, but remember flying will dehydrate you and alcohol will too, so monitor your consumption and if you are drinking alcohol make sure you drink plenty of still water as well.


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