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Are Cheap Holidays to blame for 22,000 Truancy’s a Day?

Figures published on 29th March 2011 by the Department for Education disclosed that in the 2009/10 academic year 0.67 per cent of primary school sessions were missed because of unauthorised absence, this is equivalent to around 22,606 pupils every day.Family holidays were the second most popular reason accounting for 0.56 per cent of all days missed.

With the cost of a family holiday increasing by over 50% during school holidays, in these tough economic times families are opting to take holidays in term time so they can still afford to take their annual holiday abroad.

Although unauthorised absence from school can carry a £100 fine, families are seeing this as a small price to pay when they can make savings of over £1000 on a family holiday taken in term time.
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A saving people sometime opt for when buying travel insurance is to either not declare they have a medical condition or opt not to have it covered at all. This can be a very false economy indeed, if any medical treatment you require on holiday can be attributed to your medical condition or the treatment of it you could find yourself paying a medical bill of thousands of pounds which your travel insurance provider will not cover because you either did not declare the underlying medical condition or chose not to cover it. However, holiday insurance for pre existing medical conditions needn’t be prohibitively expensive provided you use a specialist travel insurance provider like Insurancewith Specialist travel insurance providers understand the risks of travelling with medical conditions and can rate them accordingly, where as if you use a general travel insurance provider you may find you have to pay more to cover your medical condition because the condition is not understood.

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