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Breast cancer recurs in 1 in 5 cases

It has always been the elephant in the room for people diagnoses with cancer, but the results from this first of its kind research about secondary breast cancer has polarises what people like myself who have had breast cancer knew but were afraid to voice, breast cancer can and does return, sometime many years down the line.  The research carried out by St James’s institute of oncology in Leeds and funded by Macmillan Cancer Support  found that out of 1000 women who were first diagnoses with breast cancer between January 1999 and March 2002, 22.6% went on to be diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.
The statics that are in the research don’t make pleasant reading, but at least secondary breast cancer is now being brought very much to everyone attention, particularly GP’s who can sometimes make you feel neurotic because you go to them with every ache and pain convinced that your cancer has returned, well hopefully this study will make them take our concerns a bit more seriously.   
It is not all doom and gloom, secondary cancer although not curable can be treated and very successfully, letting people live full and active lives, which include working full time and going on holiday.  I created the Insurancewith breast cancer travel insurance policy through my own experience with primary breast cancer, you can read my story here, but the more people got to know about Insurancewith and our travel insurance policy for breast cancer the more requests we had from people looking for travel insurance cover for secondary cancer.  Which is where I have met and spoken to many people who were diagnosed with secondary breast cancer 5, 10, 15 years ago and are still going strong and their cancer is being managed.  Our cancer travel insurance policies do offer cover for people with secondary cancer, although it does depend on how many spreads you have if you are looking to travel to USA.  We cannot always offer an on-line quote if you have secondary cancer, but we have a bespoke person led screening which enable us to ask about your particular circumstances so if you are declined cover on-line just give us a call.
We all very much want to move on after our cancer diagnosis and treatment and none of us want to dwell on the what if’s, but that is a reality of cancer.  However, this research may help our families and friends understand that even though you have finished your initial treatment, cancer is still part of your life and probably always will be.


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