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Over 1000 women had unnecessary breast cancer surgery

Well fellow breast cancer survivors – I wonder if you like me have been wondering recently if you ever had cancer at all and even if you did, was all that surgery really necessary? It is very disturbing isn’t it when just as you have come to terms with living with cancer for the rest of your life, and all the worry and insecurity which accompanies this diagnosis, when suddenly all the balls are thrown back up in the air by the very experts you had trusted to help you. Read more

Breast cancer recurs in 1 in 5 cases

It has always been the elephant in the room for people diagnoses with cancer, but the results from this first of its kind research about secondary breast cancer has polarises what people like myself who have had breast cancer knew but were afraid to voice, breast cancer can and does return, sometime many years down the line.  The research carried out by St James’s institute of oncology in Leeds and funded by Macmillan Cancer Support  found that out of 1000 women who were first diagnoses with breast cancer between January 1999 and March 2002, 22.6% went on to be diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. Read more

New alcohol and breast cancer link

The above head line caught my eye and no doubt the eye of many of our breast cancer travel insurance customers.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I spent days trawling the internet looking for reasons why, and from what I could see nearly everything in our modern world had the propensity to give you cancer Read more

U.S. Airports are making security simpler for some

It has been reported that a number of American destinations that are popular with the UK holidaymakers are relaxing their security requirements for some travellers. This test program by America’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at four airports in the U.S. – Orlando, Chicago, Denver and Portland, will be welcome news for our medical travel insurance customers.
Read more

October is breast cancer awareness month

Breast cancer awareness month (BCAM) was founded in America in 1985.  The aim of BCAM was to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer.  The pink ribbon which we now so readily associate with breast cancer charities was first used in 1993.  Over 25 years on BCAM is still promoting mammograms as the most effective weapon against breast cancer, as early detection has proven to be the key to successfully treating breast cancer. Read more
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