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Cancer death rates set to fall

New statistics released today from Cancer Research UK will make pleasant reading for many of our cancer travel insurance customers. In 2010, 170 out of every 100,000 UK deaths were from cancer, but it is predicted to fall to 142 out of every 100,000 deaths by 2030.This 17% drop in death rate will be helped by improved treatments and screening programs as well as a change in smoking habits.

The biggest reductions are predicted to be in ovarian, breast, bowel and prostate cancer which isn’t surprising with all the work that has gone into awareness campaigns for these cancers.The rise of specific weeks or months for raise awareness and money for different cancers, no doubt has had a lot to do with the increasing funds for research, the biggest of all these awareness campaigns, breast cancer awareness month starts next week.

This research is a real glimmer of hope for people like myself who have had cancer or who are living with cancer. Thirty years ago cancer was the disease that they couldn’t even say the name of; when someone was diagnosed it was called “the big c” and whispered about in corners. When I was diagnosed I thought that was it “I’m going to die”, I didn’t realise how treatable cancer was/is, and it still has this stigma with people, unless you or someone close has gone through it. I have since learned cancer is treatable and not a death sentence, but it’s still scary.
Wouldn’t it be great if in another 20 years it was a disease that didn’t even worry our children?

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