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Cancer talk week

Cancer Talk Week is an initiative from Macmillan Cancer Support, and this year it’s about encouraging people to talk about cancer and how it affects them.The Cancer Talk Week not only acknowledges that the person with cancer needs to talk, so do their friends, family, carers and colleagues, in fact anyone who is affected by cancer and that doesn’t just mean the patient.When you’re first diagnosis with cancer you feel scared, lost and completely overwhelmed with the treatments and what is happening to you, but it is even more difficult for those family and friends supporting you.

The person with the cancer is at the centre of everything and they know how they feel, tired, sick, sometimes a bit better etc., and so on, those watching from the sidelines don’t want to keep asking how you feel, but they do want to know, it is just so difficult for them to know what to say or do for the best. This is where Macmillan can be an invaluable help, they can help those supporting the person with cancer, let them talk about their concerns and fears and give them advice on how best to help, verbally and practically.

Through creating my cancer travel insurance product, I have met loads of people both with cancer and carers of those with cancer, so I do now spend a lot of time talking about cancer.  I would like to think that from my experience as a cancer patient I am a good listening ear and because of my experiences a source of good advice.  This is true of the many cancer patients I have met; they have been there and bought the tee-shirt so to speak and most are more than happy to offer advice and support, Chris’s Cancer Community is a case in point. Chris refreshingly tells it how it is, and if you or someone you know is affected by cancer you should definitely have a read at Chris’s blogs.
Hearing the words “you have cancer” is one of the most shocking and frightening things to hear, but so is a loved one saying “I have cancer”.  But keep talking and you will get through it.

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