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Living with diabetes

My little brother, well not so little these days, has Type I Diabetes. He was diagnosed when he was 12 years old and if you too are diabetic and looking for diabetic travel insurance, then you will understand the life changes involved for the entire family.

Nick was tall fit sporty good looking and desperately wanted to join the Police Force, or go into the Army like his dad and granddad, careers which were denied him. He became a very angry young man and deeply resented “being different”. This meant he was what medics would term a “non-compliant” patient.   Read more

Travelling with Type 1 diabetes

Are you a Type I diabetic planning that trip across the world? Perhaps to stay with relatives?  One problem people on insulin face when flying across time zones is how to adjust their times and dosage to arrive in sync with local time on arrival.You need to plan ahead – take your schedule showing the length of flights and stop over’s to talk it over with your diabetic nurse or consultant. If you are on a special or restricted diet it will be important to alert the airline in advance – typical diabetic meals provided tend to be low carbohydrate and designed for those with Type II diabetes so if you have Type I these may not be suitable. Read more

More gene links to Diabetes found

New findings about diabetes recently published by the journal “Nature Genetics” will make interesting reading for many of our diabetic travel insurance customers. The journal reports that scientists have discovered a number of genes that dramatically increase the risk of diabetes. The latest 10 genes discovered brings the total linked to diabetes to over 60, and this now provides a fuller picture of the biological processes underlying Type 2 diabetes.
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Encouraging news for Diabetes suffers

Our travel insurance with diabetes customers will be buoyed by a new study from scientists in the USA, where they claim to have produced a combination therapy that is able to reverse established type 1 diabetes in laboratory mice.
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Diabetes related amputation costs the NHS £120 Million annually

The findings in an NHS report this week is putting the annual cost of diabetes-related amputation at £120M. This will come as a shock to many of our medical conditions travel insurance customers, particularly the travel insurance for diabetes customers.
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