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Get your holiday money now!

January is the traditional time our customers are looking for a great deal when booking their summer holiday and any pre existing medical travel insurance. So some good news for those thinking about a break in a Eurozone country – the Euro is now at low against a pound, for the first time in a long time! When it comes to buying holiday money, most of us leave it until the last minute or even until we go away, and most of us will just visit our local high street stores or travel agents in order to get the money we need to spend whilst we’re away.
You can actually save money when buying those holiday Euros. By exchanging your hard-earned cash in high street chains, travel agents and even banks you can end up spending a little more as their rates usually include a percentage of commission or conversion fees, so shop around and check if you can get a better rate somewhere else, and with currencies like the Euro at an all-time low, it seems our medical conditions travel insurance customers should shop around and buy their spending money now. Additionally, the drop in currencies such as the Euro give you more value for your money whilst you’re away, which is incredibly appealing for those lusting after a break from the boring doldrum of everyday routine or holidays during the school break.Looking for holidays, buying your Euros and finding bargains is great fun, but be careful when it comes to buying a travel insurance policy. Whilst you might be thinking that ‘Oh, it won’t happen to me’, and you don’t need travel insurance or , then you could end up paying hundreds or thousands of money on medical bills or travel expenses. Similarly, if you buy a policy which doesn’t provide the cover you need, you could be looking at a huge bill – the last thing you need when your holiday has taken an unexpected turn for the worst.

When travelling to Europe, make sure you have an up-to-date European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), but do remember that this card is not a substitution for an extensive travel insurance policy or medical conditions travel insurance, as insurance covers more.If you are looking for some more information of the EHIC you can look at our blog here.

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