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Here’s to happy travelling 2013!

The travel trade will be hoping for a better start to the New Year than they got this year.  2012 had barely started when we were all shocked by the awful Costa Concordia disaster.  On the 13th of January the cruise ship, with 4,252 passengers and crew on board, ran aground off Italy.  The rocks tore a huge gash in the ship’s hull causing it to take on water and start to sink; this resulted in the deaths of 32 people.  The disaster happening a couple of months before the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic did not help with cruise holiday makers confidence.  

As 2012 is drawing to a close there is more worry for the cruise industry with the reported breakout of the Norovirus on a few cruise ships turning dreams holidays into disasters.  When these viruses strike they can spread very quickly in a confined space such as a cruise ship, people with symptoms are generally confined to cabins. This means that although they are on holiday all they are able to look at is the four walls of their cabin, they are not allowed up on deck for fresh air, and even in ports they are still asked to remain in cabin to try and holt the spread, which could also mean missing excursions etc., they have already paid for.

Becoming ill on holiday is normally just down to bad luck, but if you have the correct travel insurance policy in place, this can soften the financial blow.  For example if any of our medical conditions travel insurance customers are going on a cruise holiday we would always recommend that they take out a specific cruise travel insurance policy, which will pay you a daily amount for the days you are confined to cabin if you are taken ill and will also reimburse you for any excursions you are unable to go on due to being confined to cabin.
So here is to happy and healthy travelling in 2013, but remember to buy the travel insurance policy best suitable for your needs and the holiday you are going on.  Then if the worst does happen you have a back up.

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