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Holiday dilemma, stay for the Olympics or get as far away as possible

With less than 40days to go before the start of the London Olympics the excitement is starting to grow, may people who said they were going on holiday deliberately to miss all the fuss of the Olympics seemed to have had a change of heart. According to a study by British Airways (BA) more than 40% of those surveyed have specifically arranged their holiday around the London 2012 games so the can stay and support Team GB.

Our own statics would also seem to match BA’s findings, looking at our medical travel insurance customers trends we can see far more people arranging travel insurance including medical conditions cover for UK destinations during London 2012 compared to this time last year.
The Queens Diamond Jubilee seems to have turned many of us into flag waving patriots, although this probably was helped by the Royal Wedding last year too, so it is understandable that so many people want to remain in the UK while the Games are on. I for one am planning my holidays around being in London during the Games, I would hate to be watching it on TV abroad and missing out on the atmosphere. I don’t think the Olympics will return to London again in my lifetime so I am definitely going to soak up all the atmosphere.


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