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It is official we should take more holidays!

Research by Dutch researcher Jessica de Bloom is music to the ears of travel insurance providers, by monitored the health and happiness of 96 workers, before, during and after their holiday, and she has concluded that the holiday effect is short lived.  So is the answer is to take more frequent holidays?

The research found that although they came back refreshed, the benefits disappeared during their first week back at work, and within two weeks, they felt as tired as they did before the holiday. A separate study of 131 German teachers found the holiday effects lasted longer, but only a month in total. Significantly, though, it faded out more slowly for teachers who kept a good work life balance when they returned from holiday.

Interestingly, a review of the research published in British Psychological Society magazine, The Psychologist warns that going on holiday can actually make you ill. This is quite worrying as many people choose to go on holiday to recover from an illness, particularly if the illness has a long treatment regime such as cancer. In fact, cancer patients are often encouraged to take a holiday provided they make sure they have a good quality cancer travel insurance policy.

According to The Psychologist, three to four percent of people claim to suffer “leisure sickness”, meaning they are more likely to be sick while on holiday and at the weekends than when at work.
The Psychologists revealed that holiday happiness comes in phases, or forms a “happiness curve”. Mood starts low during the “travel phase”, before rising as the holiday gets into full swing, and declining shortly before it’s time to return home. It then lifts again, perhaps because people look forward to coming home. However, scientists say that people shouldn’t give up on holidays, but should simply take more of them.

Remember however many holidays you take always make sure you have a travel insurance policy for your needs, if you do have a medical condition that you want to be covered, purchase a travel insurance with medical conditions cover.


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