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Let it snow!

With most of the European ski resorts due to open this weekend the conditions are looking almost perfect, with lower temperatures keeping the snow that has already fallen in good condition.
The winter sports season starts for most UK residents with the Christmas holidays, so there is only a short time left to plan your perfect winter break.
And as many of our medical conditions travel insurance customers will know, winter sports holidays are still possible if you have a medical condition, provided you plan ahead and take some simple precautions.

Remember you will be doing more exercise that you are normally used to, and that, coupled with the higher altitude may mean you will have to adjust any medication you take. So a quick visit to your treating doctor or GP before you travel is a must, discuss you holiday plans with them and make sure they agree them, they will also be able to advise you on any changes you may need to make to your medication while on holiday. This would also be a perfect opportunity to get a letter from your doctor detailing your medical condition/s and the prescription medication you need to take, always handy for the customs officers at the airports and border crossings.

If you are going on a skiing holiday you must make sure your travel insurance policy does cover you to take part in winter sports, or better still take out a specific winter sports travel insurance policy, which will cover you for skiing, along with piste closure, loss of lift pass and cover for your ski equipment etc. At Insurancewith, we are able to provide winter sports travel insurance which offers full travel insurance cover for medical conditions too, provided all the conditions are declared to and accepted by us.

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