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Lots of holiday bargains still to be had

According to an article in The Times over the weekend, Britons are benefiting from the cheapest summer holidays since the start of the financial crisis.
Any of our travel insurance with medical conditions customers looking for a cheap sunny getaway need no look further than the countries gripped by the eurozone troubles such as Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal as prices are being cut by up to 50%.

The falling euro and the price cuts mean it is the best time to visit these countries since October 2008, for example this time last year if you changes £5000 you would get €5,750, but if you changed it up today you would get €6,300, which is quite a bit extra the holiday spending money. Although one word of advice make sure you change your money up before you go to the airport, it can cost you 6% extra at the airport.

However it’s not just holidays abroad that are being slashed, you can also grab a bargain if you stay in Britain. Hotels and tourist attractions are battling for your attention and cutting prices because the summer has go off to a slow start in the UK with the bad weather and the Olympics. A recent survey by a comparison site showed that 58% of Britons planning a holiday this year will do so after the Olympics end on 12th August, and a quarter of those will not even book their break until then.

So this week may be a good time to book your break and your medical conditions travel insurance while everyone is still glued to Team GB’s gold rush of medals you can get first pick of the bargains.

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