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New Year new start

I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do like the new start feeling you get at the beginning of every year; you get the feeling that anything is possible. How long that feeling lasts depends on what happens, but at the moment I am still feeling it.

This coming year I want to get more involved with the charities we support through the sale of our medical conditions travel insurance and cancer travel insurance policies, the donations so far this last year are heading to the £10,000 mark, which I am immensely proud of.

A big part of setting up Insurancewith for me was to give something back, when I was going through my cancer treatment I was very lucky I had support from some amazing charities, who really helped me cope with the side effects of all the cancer treatment. From the yoga and the massages at the West Wing in St Bartholomew’s Hospital through to attending the lovely up lifting day at the Dimbleby Cancer Centre at St Thomas’s Hospital arranged by Look Good Feel Better. And although Insurancewith doesn’t support the charities that supported directly, we do support the smaller charities such a Fighting All Cancers Together (FACT) who give amazing support to the people of the North East who have been diagnosed with cancer, and the Genetic Alliance UK who are a national charity of over 150 patient organisations supporting all those with genetic conditions.

So at the close of 2012 I can look back and see the difference the money we have raised has made to the lives of people going through cancer treatment, and those who are living with a genetic condition, and if Insurancewith grows the way it has in the past 12 months we are well on the way to doubling our donation to charity at the end of 2013, which is why I still have the “anything is possible” feeling and long may it continue.

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