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October is breast cancer awareness month

Breast cancer awareness month (BCAM) was founded in America in 1985.  The aim of BCAM was to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer.  The pink ribbon which we now so readily associate with breast cancer charities was first used in 1993.  Over 25 years on BCAM is still promoting mammograms as the most effective weapon against breast cancer, as early detection has proven to be the key to successfully treating breast cancer.
Insurancewith has long been a supporter of breast cancer charities through the sale of our breast cancer travel insurance policies.  Breast cancer is a serious condition, however a breast cancer diagnosis should not be a barrier to going on holiday.  Many people unfortunately find getting affordable travel insurance for breast cancer can be very difficult, which is why at Insurancewith we have created a specific breast cancer travel insurance policy.  Our holiday insurance policy was created by people with firsthand experience of breast cancer and the issues faced, so we are confident our policy will offer people diagnosed with breast cancer a comprehensive travel insurance policy at an affordable price.
Every year in the UK nearly 50,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer and this figure seems to rise every year.  BCAM is a great way for breast cancer charities to raise money for and awareness of this condition.  A large amount of the money raised goes towards research for a cure and huge steps have been taken, but there is still a long way to go before breast cancer becomes a chronic condition.  So every October wear something pink and join in with the fundraising, as one day thanks to all the people who run marathons, walk at midnight or just wear pink, a cure will be found.


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