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Roll on sunshine!

The New Year has started with a bang and a crash. Wild storms have whipped the UK, heralding the beginning of a proper winter after the recent mild months. Everything exciting about winter is now over – Bonfire night, Halloween, Christmas, New Year – so everyone is looking forward to a bit of sunshine now. What better to cheer up a dull January evening than planning an exotic holiday – which is why holiday companies bombard us with all those cheery adverts once the sound of Auld Lang Syne has finally faded.

Intrepid travellers are looking for deals abroad to beat the gloom at home. Though 2011 was a great year for the ‘staycation’, with punters preferring cycle holidays and sampling the delights of UK tourism, the weather cannot be guaranteed. Deals in popular destinations such as Spain and Turkey remained high in 2011 as alternatives to Egypt and Tunisia during the Arab Spring uprising, according to travel company Expedia.

Sterling’s strength against the Euro may stimulate travel within the Eurozone countries with the Greek Islands, Maderia and the Algarve predicted to be major destinations in 2012, according to Expedia.

Where every you do decide to holiday be it home or away you will still need a travel insurance policy suitable for your needs, for example medical conditions travel insurance if you have a pre existing medical condition or a policy that will cover a particular activity that you will be taking part in such as diving, cycling, mountaineering etc. It is worth noting that as with most things in life one size doesn’t necessarily fit all and this is especially true for travel insurance. So make sure you check the wording and exclusions of any policy you buy.


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