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Sainsburys selling holidays now!

Virgin Holidays has announced plans to open a chain of concessions around the UK after the opening of its first two retail outlets in Sainsbury’s supermarkets in London, one in Kensington and one in Merton South London.

Picking up a holiday with your weekly shopping may take a bit of getting used to, but a point to remember is that buying travel insurance from your travel agent or holiday provider doesn’t always work out cheaper and could cost you far more than necessary. Our advice is shop around, as you would do with any purchase, and you probably did for your holiday. It may be easier and quicker to buy your travel provider’s insurance but it could cost you a lot more than it should.

Having previously experimented with having Thomas Cook outlets within its stores, Sainsburys also introduced Going Places pop-up shops throughout some of its stores in the UK, and to great success. Having someone advertising a holiday whilst you’re doing your weekly shop might not sound likely to sell, but it worked! A spokesperson for Sainsburys commented saying it was probably easier for customers to do all of their shopping in one place.

If you’re thinking about going on holiday, shopping around for travel insurance has never been easier, particularly with all the price comparison sites around. However if you have a medical condition, buying medical conditions travel insurance is not so simple as comparison sites don’t always cater for those who can’t tick the standard boxes. When looking for the best price and cover for travel insurance with pre existing medical conditions, it is best to look for a specialist holiday insurance provider, such as Insurancewith. A specialist travel insurance provider will understand your condition and will be able to suggest the best cover for you. 

Furthermore, specific travel insurance with medical conditions providers will have the experience and worldwide medical network to help you should the worst happen, which is why you take out holiday insurance in the first place.

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