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Taking an iPad on holiday shouldn’t make it more difficult to relax and switch off

There is no doubt about it the iPad and other tablet devices have completely changed the way we consume media and make purchases, giving us access to the internet 24/7. However it also means that we are never switched off, emails, twitter, Facebook etc., all accessed via our tablet devices keeping us in constant contact with everyone and everything.

Being in constant touch does have its upside, but it also means that we never get a chance to switch off, even when we are on holiday. I’m not suggesting anything as radical as not taking your tablet device on holiday, it has many holiday uses.For example, saving you precious luggage weight, you won’t have to carry hard copies of all the holiday reading you intend to do, and what about keeping the kid happy while you’re have a meal out, it’s great for that as well. However, as many of our medical travel insurance customers know, the temptation is always there to have a quick check of your emails, post a photo on twitter to show everyone the sun is shining or just update your Facebook status, and before you know it you have lost an hour and have become embroiled in concerns back home or at work. The answer to the problem is really simple, take your table device on holiday by all means, but just make sure you turn off wifi and 3G, so you can happily read your books or the kids play games without the familiar ping of constant messages coming through tempting you to have a “quick” look. It will be difficult for the first few days, but by the end of the week you will really feel that you have had a holiday and your family will have enjoyed your undivided attention, and that is what holidays are for.


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