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There’s an App for that!

Wouldn’t you just know it, there is now an iphone App to help with your holiday packing.  The app, Saving Grace developed by boutique hotel group Grace Hotels has a list of things to remember to do before any trip, such as arranging travel insurance.

The app doesn’t unfortunately offer you any prompts when buying travel insurance, such as if you have medical conditions, to buy travel insurance with pre existing medical conditions cover.  The app does however let the user save checklists and to do lists and does include presets for various types of trips.  Both summer and winter holidays are catered for, as well as a range of holiday activities such as surfing, golfing, fishing, and camping.  Again remember to check that the travel insurance you have bought does cover the activity you are going to be taking part in on holiday, if not you may be able to pay extra to have the activity covered.
This app could take the stress out of planning your to do list before your holiday, which as we all know is stressful.  We have looked forward to our holiday all year and we don’t want to forget anything, I have on numerous occasions forgotten to pack brand new clothes that I have bought specifically for the holiday, only to remember when I am unpacking at my holiday destination!  It will also help you keep track if you are packing for the family.
You will be able to save the check and to do lists for your next holiday; all you need to do is up date them.  Remember to update your medical conditions travel insurance provider with any changes in your medication or medical condition as well, but the app will remind you to do this I’m sure.


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