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Tips for pregnant flyers

Tips for pregnant flyers

Pregnancy can be an exciting and happy time for parents but there can also be a few limitations on activities that you would normally not have to worry about; pregnancy means being careful, especially when travelling. If you’ve got any upcoming flights planned, take a look at these 10 tips for pregnant flyers.

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes
The process of getting on an airplane can be long and trying, especially if you are already feeling uncomfortable and tired. To deal with all of the walking and standing that you will have to do, wear comfortable shoes. You may also have to remove your shoes when going through security, so make sure they’re relatively easy to slip on and off.

2. Bring Slippers

Sitting on the plane may feel like a relief, but your feet may begin to swell after you have been in one spot for a prolonged period. Bring slippers or airplane socks, as this will give you a backup in case you need something softer on your feet. Make sure they’re roomy and cosy so as not to constrict your circulation.

3. Choose an Aisle Seat

Choosing an aisle seat means easier access to the bathroom without having to request room to get up from fellow passengers. You can try requesting an aisle seat at the booking stage. This may or may not be possible depending on the airline you fly with. However, you can select your seat through online check-in as soon as it’s open. The earlier you login, the more likely you are to find the ideal seat. 

4. Pack Something to Eat

Airplanes do not typically serve food with any real nutritional value; snacking on cookies and crisps is never a good idea for somebody with a baby on the way. Make sure that you pack your own healthy snacks, and never assume that you can grab something before boarding the plane.

5. Stand Up and Walk Around
If your flight is longer than an hour, make sure that you stand up and stretch your legs. Nobody likes to feel cramped, and sitting for a long time can make the body feel sore and stiff. Walk up and down the aisle, or simply do some stretches to warm up the muscles.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is important for pregnant women wherever they are. Pack plenty of water or other liquids and drink even if you are not feeling thirsty. Both you and your baby need hydrating so make sure you take the time to do so.

7. Do Not Fly Too Late Into the Pregnancy

Check with the airline before booking anything; many airlines will not allow people past a certain stage in their pregnancy on the plane, as they may go into labour. The rules can differ per airline and destination, so be sure to check with the airline ahead of time as the last thing you want is to be turned away at the airport.

8. Avoid Flying during Busy Months

The more crowded the plane, the more stress there will be. Do your best to avoid flying during peak travel dates and seasons.  

9. Bring Along Medical Documents and Medications

You may need to prove to the airline that you are fit to fly, so be sure to bring along medical documents such as a letter from your doctor. Always triple check you have any necessary medication with you for your trip.

10. Speak to your Doctor

Talk to your doctor before travelling. He or she will determine whether you’re able to fly and what steps you should take based on your own situation as every pregnancy is unique.

Travelling can be a stressful and busy process. Throw pregnancy into the mix and things could get complicated. By looking into the tips above, you can be prepared and feel more relaxed and in control of the situation.

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