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Travelling Abroad for a Stag or Hen do?

The Royal Wedding is 3 days away and the stag and hen parties for William and Kate are now fond distant memories, and which as far as we know passed off quietly.   This however is not always the case and according to figures from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) more than one million Britons are planning to travel abroad for stag and hen parties this year.  Travelling to an unfamiliar country can increase the likelihood that things could go wrong.   According to the FCO, around 1 in 6 will not have travel insurance and risk coming home out of pocket if they have an accident, get arrested or lose their possessions.  Phil Lord from the FCO said: “Stag and hen dos are all about having a great time but the celebrations can come to an abrupt end if things go wrong. Cultural differences mean some people will take offence to risqué fancy dress costumes and rowdy behaviour – so to avoid a hostile reception from the locals or even spending the weekend in jail, make sure you research your destination, and know your limits.”

Travel Insurance is a must if you are going any trip abroad no matter how brief and you must make sure you have the correct policy for your needs.  If you are planning a stag or hen party that involves any activity make sure you are covered for it under the travel insurance policy you purchase.  Some of the cheaper travel insurance policies have basic cover and will not include even the most innocuous of activities, such as horse riding, so check the policy you buy carefully.  Furthermore if you have any medical conditions it is advisable to look for a specialist travel insurance with medical conditions provider, they are best placed to offer advice and information on travelling with medical conditions.  Travel Insurance for pre existing medical conditions is a specialist area and even if you have a mild condition such as well controlled asthma or diabetes, therefore by using a travel insurance provider who full understands the condition you can be sure that if you did need medical attention whilst away they would be able to provide the most appropriate treatment quickly, hopefully enabling you to carry on with the rest of your holiday or break.
Insurancewith are specialist travel insurance providers and offer pre existing medical conditions travel insurance.


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