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Travelling with a medical condition

Holiday insurance is not top of everyone’s list when planning a trip, it is often arranged at the last minute and purchased purely on price.  However, travel insurance policies vary wildly and opting for the cheapest holiday policy could mean you compromise on the cover provided, and if you have a medical condition it is even more important to make sure you have a policy that is suitable for your needs.  Having a medical condition shouldn’t mean you can’t travel abroad and purchasing travel insurance with medical conditions is now far easier than it once was.  The important thing to remember is declare all your medical conditions, no matter how inconsequential you think they are.  A general rule of thumb is, if you take a prescribed medication, even if it is for prophylactic measures, declare it.  You may consider you don’t have high blood pressure because you take a tablet that prevents it, but you do still have to declare it.

You should also be very careful of purchasing trip insurance and excluding cover for your medical condition.  For example, in the past you’ve been diagnosed with angina, your doctor has prescribed a spray to use should you feel the angina coming on, but you rarely have to use it so decide to exclude cover for angina, because even if you do have an angina attack you will have the medication with you.  However, it should be noted that if you have a medical emergency that could be attributed back to the angina, a heart attack for instance, you would not be covered.  And should this happen in the USA you may end up selling your house to pay for the medical bills.

You may consider medical condition travel insurance an expensive bit of paper, but when the need arises you will be grateful that you did declare all your conditions and purchased the correct holiday insurance with existing medical conditions cover.


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