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U.S. Airports are making security simpler for some

It has been reported that a number of American destinations that are popular with the UK holidaymakers are relaxing their security requirements for some travellers. This test program by America’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at four airports in the U.S. – Orlando, Chicago, Denver and Portland, will be welcome news for our medical travel insurance customers.

The changes are scheduled to take effect on 19th March and the new rules could allow senior travellers to keep their shoes and light jackets on, they will also be spared the pat-downs. Airport staff are being instructed to send older passengers through metal-detectors or walk-through imaging machines a couple of times so they can capture a clearer picture.

A TSA spokesman told the Daily Mail, the airports trialling the new system have been chosen because they have a higher percentage of older travellers going through, and the changes will be introduced at a limited amount of security lanes.

Hopefully if these measures prove successful and there are no security breaches then the programme will be rolled out to people with medical conditions as well.A few of our breast cancer travel insurance customers have told us how uncomfortable they feel being searched or patted down if they are wearing a breast prosthetic, and we have had similar comments from our bowel cancer travel insurance customers who wear a colostomy bag.

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