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Yoga Helps Breast Cancer Patients

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre has conducted a study into the affects of yoga on breast cancer patients.The study involved 163 women with an average age of 52 who were undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer, ranging from early onset to stage three.The research showed that yoga helped to reduce a lot of the side effects of radiotherapy, such as fatigue, and helped to improve their physical function.The women also had a more positive attitude to their cancer, and a steeper daily decline in levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to worse outcomes in breast cancer.

Research has shown that yoga can be used as a practice for keeping physical functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, metabolism, body temperature, brain waves and skin resistance at a consistent level of control. Radiation therapy is one of the main treatments for cancer, and one of the most common side effects in patients is fatigue. The University research found that yoga can help combat the common side effects of breast cancer and radiation by regulating stress hormones and generally improving the quality of life beyond treatment, with factors such as fatigue, depression, sleep quality and being able to function through everyday routines.

Although the study was relatively small, yoga has long been promoted as good for regular well-being and is becoming more and more popular, this is evidenced in the amount of specialist yoga holidays now available.There are yoga retreats offering specialist holidays in most parts of the world you would wish to travel to.

Recovering from breast cancer and its treatment can be a hard slog, but by practicing yoga throughout your treatment and booking a specialist yoga holiday to look forward too looks like just what the doctor ordered. However finding affordable breast cancer travel insurance soon after your treatment finishes can be difficult, but Insurancewith has be designed to provide affordable cancer travel insurance in such a situation. Furthermore we donate £1 to charity for every policy sold, and one of the charities we support through the sale of our travel insurance with cancer cover is Haven, a breast cancer support charity.

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