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Your cancer is covered but what about your travelling companions medical condition?

It can be hard to find the right travel insurance policy if you have had cancer especially if you have recently had treatment but there are firms around now who will offer holiday insurance for pre-existing medical conditions at a realistic price provided your health is currently stable and your doctor approves of your chosen destination.
So once you have booked your late summer getaway and found that cancer travel insurance you probably think all your problems are solved and you can relax and focus on that much needed break – but did you know that insurers need to know about the health of your travel companions too, even those separately insured?
Travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions is a specialist product and will cover your cancer but supposing your partner is asthmatic or is travelling with diabetes? – if their health deteriorates will you be insured to fly home too?  
Many insurers also have a clause requiring you to tell them about this risk as well as your own so if this is something which might affect you be sure to ask when you buy your travel insurance with cancer cover, if your policy can include any problems with the pre-existing conditions of your travel companions who may not be insured on the same policy or better still insure them on the same policy as you.
So often the focus is on the cancer sufferer and the difficulty they have finding a good insurer that the more minor health problems of the rest of the party get forgotten yet more often than not the traveller with cancer will be absolutely fine on that well deserved break but it will be a child with mild asthma who needs to see a doctor or a partner whose normally controlled diabetes becomes unstable- so don’t take chances, make sure everyone is fully insured.
Thanks to Tricia Pearson-Tietema our Head of Medical Underwriting for today’s blog.

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