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Songs and games

Passing the time quickly and keeping kids entertained at the same time is ideal for when you’re travelling as a family unit.

‘I Spy’ is always fun when waiting for your plane to be ready to board, or whilst queuing for check-in. It’s not great when you’re driving or flying, because you move past objects outside the window too fast for the other person to guess, and the objects inside the vehicle are limited, but it can still be a great time-killer for when you’re practically stationary.

‘Carspotting’ sparks a bit of fun competition between children when they’re in for a long journey. Pick a colour or make of car (or combine both for older kids) and wait for the little ones to have their eyes glued to the windows hoping to win. This game can be adapted to spotting sheep, cows, planes and police cars… you get the idea.

‘Spot the lorry’ is a variation on the classic game of ‘carspotting’, and is hugely popular with kids and adults alike. If you’re in the UK, you have to count the number of Eddie Stobart trucks you see, but whilst abroad you can pick your own regional variation and count those. It provides a good amount of entertainment, whilst keeping the children relatively quiet (until they see a truck of your chosen brand!) and looking out the windows to stop them from suffering with motion sickness.

Sponsored silences are a little cheeky but it could give you a moments rest from the usual ‘we’re-going-on-holiday’ excitement and raucous. If you’re desperate for peace, offer the person who stays quiet the longest a prize.


  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain
  • The Wheels On The Bus
  • Doe A Deer
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Any Disney classic
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