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Over 65’s Travel Insurance

Whilst the over-65’s may enjoy the occasional free entry into tourist attractions and concessions on tickets and fares, many are expected to pay hugely inflated travel insurance premiums as soon as they hit the age of 65, and that’s if the travel insurance company offer cover at all. For many, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions, this proves to be a problem when they’re looking to go overseas for a relaxing break and want cover should something go wrong.

Why are travel insurance premiums so high?

Insurers base their premiums on the perceived risk of you having to put in a claim. After the age of 65, people tend to fall ill more often, are more prone to accidents and are more expensive to treat. Whilst there is no doubt that there are 80 year-olds who are just as able as 60 year-olds, insurance experts won’t offer you a discount as a reward for being fit and healthy.

InsuranceWith are a specialist medical travel insurance provider who believe that everyone has the right to travel, and as such have developed an innovative 1-2-1 medical screening process that asks relevant questions for your condition so that we can offer you an affordable quote to uniquely cover your situation.

How much cover should I go for?

You should go for the amount of cover that best suits you. Whilst the best policy might not be the cheapest one, it will be the one that offers you the right amount of cover at the best price. No two policies are the same, and don’t offer the same levels of cover with the same terms and conditions. The best way of seeing which policy covers you adequately is to read each policy individually and see what fits your situation.

What sort of policy?

Because many travellers that are over 65 are retired, they often go for longer holidays or visit several destinations over the course of a year.

If you want to go abroad more than twice in a year, a multi-trip policy is usually cheaper than a single-trip, and will cover you for the duration of your holidays.

If you’re intending on only going on one trip this year, a single trip policy is more likely to suit you.

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