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Brothers braid bracelets in aid of stomach cancer research

Two brothers from the Stourbridge suburb of Pedmore have raised over £100 for Cancer Research UK.

Hayden and Ethan have been making multi-coloured bracelets for charity in memory of their grandmother, Jan, who died from her battle with stomach cancer earlier in May.
Inspired by their grandmother’s strength during her illness, the brothers decided to do something to help other sufferers of the disease when Jan’s health deteriorated and she could no longer volunteer at the Mary Steven’s Hospice, as she had done since before her diagnosis.

The bracelets, which seem to be a craze amongst younger schoolchildren in the UK, have sold incredibly well and for only £1 each. The boys have raised just over £100 and their parents are incredibly happy for their success and the reasons behind their efforts.

Sarah, Hayden and Ethan’s mum is really proud, “It came out of the blue, he said he wanted to make some and sell them for Cancer Research to let everyone know how they helped his grandma.”

“When she wasn’t very well, we didn’t leave her side and he kept himself occupied making the bracelets. Each one takes about 20 minutes to make.”

“I am extremely proud of Hayden and Ethan”, she added.

Sarah also added that 13 year-old Ethan, who attends a different school to Hayden has been busy helping his brother at weekends as orders for the bracelets have been flooding in, with word-of-mouth spreading the boy’s great venture.

The boy’s aunt Justine added, “They all loved their grandma very much and are devastated now that she has gone. They just wanted to do something to help and making these simple plastic band bracelets seemed like a good idea to them. My son James, aged three, is Jan’s other grandchild. He would love to help but he is a bit too young!”

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