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Famous cancer campaigner backed by Lawrence Dallaglio

Cancer campaigner Clive Stone, from Oxford, has been bolstered by rugby star Lawrence Dallaglio in the fight to provide cancer sufferers with better NHS treatment.

Clive is famous throughout the country, having campaigned fearlessly and consistently for better treatment throughout the NHS. An Oxford Mail columnist, Stone was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2007 and was put forward for the MBE honours list by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Since developing the disease, Mr Stone has since fought successfully to make the kidney cancer drug Sunitinib available on the NHS, and in July persuaded the Government to allocate £200 million to an emergency drug fund for cancer patients.

Mr Stone said: “This has made me more determined to keep fighting than ever. I look forward to a time when our five-year survival rates become the best in Europe, and very ill patients do not have to spend their last days in fighting faceless NHS administrators for access to effective drugs which are freely available in other countries.”

The high-profile support of rugby star Dallaglio comes as Mr Stone, 66, revealed that his 34 brain tumours have been successfully removed by surgeons.

The unlikely pair met at a London meeting set up specifically to discuss the funding for cancer treatment where Mr Stone, from Eynsham, told his story and explained how the majority of his brain tumours were removed using gamma knife surgery – a treatment currently not available on the NHS in Oxford.

Mr Stone said Mr Dallaglio shook his hand and thanked him for coming, acknowledging and appreciating Mr Stone’s contribution to the meeting.

The former rugby player’s campaign for better treatment for cancer patients has been inspired by his mother Eileen, who died of the disease in 2008. Since then, Dallaglio has been involved in a number of charitable efforts in order to raise money for a huge variety of causes. The Dallaglio Foundation was put together in order to help causes such as the Help for Heroes programme, the RPA Benevolent Fund, Leukaemia Research, DebRa, Cancer Research UK and a significant amount of others. The

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