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Exercise reduces the risk of womb cancer

Although there is conflicting research on the topic, people seem to be unaware of the huge health benefits that exercising for as little as thirty minutes a day can have.

In fact, over fifty per cent of people are unaware that lack of exercise can significantly increase the risk of uterine cancer. Instead, people blame things such as genes or even stress.

Did you know that you can cut the risk of bowel, breast and womb cancer by exercising for as little as half an hour each day?

Along with reducing weight and your waist circumference, exercise can reduce stress, alleviate depression or a bad mood, help your heart health and decrease the chances of developing cancers such as uterine cancer.

Professor Martin Wiseman, medical and scientific adviser at the World Cancer Research Fund says, “For many people, stress makes them aware of problems that they had formerly ignored, or is a reason for seeking advice. Stress might prompt them to become acutely conscious of an irritation or pain that they had previously tolerated. It is this stress that often pushed them to seek their doctor’s advice and many automatically link the outcome to the recent stress and believe it to be the cause of their cancer diagnosis. However, there is no sound scientific evidence that stress causes cancer. In fact, weight gain and obesity is more likely to blame for having a direct role in the fluctuation of hormone levels which can in turn influence cells to mutate into cancer growths.”

With regular exercise, the risk of womb cancer is lowered from 30% to 20%.

Weight gain and womb cancer have been linked for a long time, with several studies producing results which suggest that women who are overweight are up to three times more likely to develop womb cancer in comparison with women who are of a healthier weight.

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