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Hanoi named as cheapest city break destination

Hanoi has been named the world’s cheapest destination for those looking for a city break holiday.

In an annual survey conducted by Trip Advisor Trip Index Cities, results showed that visitors can get more for their money in the Vietnamese capital, with a meal for two with wine and cocktails, two two-mile taxi trips and a stay at a four-star hotel for a bargain £92, leaving tourists with plenty of budget left to spend on holiday essentials such as travel insurance.

Second place in the survey was claimed by Jakarta, Indonesia, at a grand total cost of £95 for a short city break with a two-mile taxi journey costing a mere £1.74. In third place was the Egyptian city of Sharm el Sheikh at £96, followed closely by Bangkok, Thailand at £97 and then Sofia in Bulgaria at £112.

If cocktails are what you’re looking for on a city break, Cancun in Mexico offers the cheapest deals at only £2 for two, but if you’re more of a food-lover, the Swedish capital of Stockholm was found to offer the best food value for money with a top-end meal for two costing £108.

European cities topped the other end of the scale as some of the most expensive places to visit on a weekend break, with London taking the top spot from 2013 winner Oslo, Norway as the world capital of the inadvertent splurge, relieving visitors of a whopping £310 for a weekend break in the British capital.

Travellers to the French capital of Paris should be warned about the hidden costs of drinking cocktails in some of the most famous locations, with the city claiming the title of being the priciest place to enjoy a pre-dinner drink – two dry martinis there will set tourists back a good £30.

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