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Lincolnshire testicular cancer survivor revealed as Britain’s Manliest Man

A Lincolnshire man who served as an RAF pilot and who has also fought off testicular cancer has been crowned Britain’s Manliest Man.

Alun “Peps” Pepper has beaten over 1,000 other applicants to the title, has stated that receiving the award will give him the chance to raise awareness of the disease, whilst also proving to others that losing a testicle “doesn’t make you any less of a man”.

Pepper is also being recruited as an ambassador for male cancer charity Orchid, for the next year.

Alun, who is 43, currently works as a Fast Jet Weapons System Officer at RAF Cranwell, and had one of his testicles removed when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer back in 2006.

The competition to find Britain’s Manliest Man was run jointly by the men’s grooming brand The Bluebeard’s Revenge, Men’s Fitness magazine and the male cancer charity Orchid.

After launching the campaign back in the summer, they aimed to raise awareness of testicular cancer, and received more than 2,000 applicants. Other notable entrants to the competition included Nottingham Forest footballer Kieran Fentan, as well as a handful of models and actors.

Nick Gibbens is a spokesperson for Bluebeards Revenge, and said: “We had a vast number of entries to the competition, and there were some really strong candidates boasting all manner of manly jobs, muscular physiques and macho hobbies. But what makes Alun a real winner in our eyes is his bravery in speaking out about his own experiences with testicular cancer.”

He added, “[Alun] is living proof that suffering the disease and receiving treatment for it will result in noloss of manliness whatsoever. He was the only man to make the shortlist who actually mentioned having testicular cancer, and he ended up getting a lot of female attention during the voting process through social media.”

Alun has said that since starting his testicular cancer awareness campaign, he regularly receives letters and messages from wives and girlfriends of men who they have persuaded to go to the doctors.

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