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#RedLipstickSelfie: Twitter Campaign Raises Awareness of Lung Cancer

Following the #nomakeupselfie trend that stormed our Twitter and Facebook news feeds in March, a new campaign started by the bereaved daughter of a lung cancer sufferer had led to women and men nationwide donning red lipstick, taking a selfie and using the hashtag #RedLipstickSelfie to raise awareness around lung cancer.

The campaign, ‘Kiss Lung Cancer Goodbye’ was started by Victoria Herd as a tribute to her late mum, Janice, who tragically lost her life to lung cancer in early March after being diagnosed just a month earlier. After the success of the #nomakeupselfie campaign which raised an astounding £8million for Cancer Research UK, Victoria is asking people across social media platforms to post pictures and help ‘kiss lung cancer goodbye’.

Participants are also being asked to donate to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation – the only charity dedicated exclusively to defeating lung cancer.

“My mum loved wearing red lipstick,” she writes on the JustGiving page. “Wherever she was, the beach, swimming, shopping, she would be wearing red lipstick. It was her signature look.”

“I was absolutely devastated being an only child, and we were really close and I wanted to get something positive out of something really bad that happened.” She told the Telegraph. “We saw how much money and publicity the no make-up selfies got,” she added, “We thought, let’s do something like that, which will create fun.”

The trend has already raised over £1,000 for lung cancer since it started being tagged by users in April, and word of the campaign has spread, with the social media campaign seeing more than 15 donations. But Herd hopes it will raise more.

“It’s speeding up, which is fantastic, “she said. “I’m hoping it will get picked up and go massive.”

She wants to raise a significant amount of money for the lung cancer charity to try and help research into early detection, and is keen to promote awareness of it.

“We didn’t realise how unfunded lung cancer is and it’s the biggest killer among women,” she said. “I thought let’s do something to help their research”

“People are really positive. They didn’t know lung cancer affected so many people. Anything to do with cancer, people get behind these days because everyone knows someone who’s been affected with cancer. The biggest thing is, you don’t have to be a smoker to get lung cancer and that scares people.”

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