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Genetic Alliance

insurancewith: has designed travel insurance policies for all types of cancer, genetic and critical conditions, at highly competitive premiums. With the help and advice of Genetic Alliance UK, insurancewith: has created specific policies for many genetic conditions, and our ultimate goal is to have specific medical screening and travel policies for all medical conditions.

Genetic Alliance UK is a national alliance of patient organisations with a membership of over 130 charities supporting all those affected by genetic disorders. Their aim is to improve the lives of people affected by genetic conditions by ensuring that high quality services and information are available to all who need them.

The people and families Genetic Alliance UK supports are the very people our policies have been designed for. We have consulted with Genetic Alliance UK to try and ensure our medical screening process is relevant to the people using it, such as those with genetic conditions or their carers.

insurancewith: policies are not just for people with genetic conditions, our travel insurance with medical conditions policies cover all types of medical condition from mild, to chronic through to those with terminal conditions – at highly competitive prices, we even have specific policies for those with a combination of medical conditions.

insurancewith: doing more than just travel insurance.

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