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High Blood Pressure Travel Insurance

If you have ever been diagnosed with high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, you must declare this to your travel insurance provider. Many people do innocently forget to declare conditions such as high blood pressure because they are on preventive medication so they forget they have the condition. If you are taking medication to prevent the condition you must still declare it and buy the appropriate travel insurance for high blood pressure if you want it covered. However, should you not declare your high blood pressure or decide you want to exclude cover, be aware you will also be excluding cover for any attributed conditions such as:

Travel insurance to cover high blood pressure does not need to be expensive; at Insurancewith we have a specific medical screening for people with high blood pressure. If your condition is well controlled, in many cases there is no extra premium to pay to include high blood pressure cover on your travel insurance policy. You can also include cover for other medical conditions on this policy, these can be conditions you have a result of having high blood pressure or conditions that are completely separate. The affordable premiums we charge do not mean you will have less cover than other more expensive policies, our specialist travel insurance includes all the usual things you would expect such as cover for lost luggage, delayed travel, cancellation etc., as well as:

Taking out an Insurancewith travel insurance policy is easy, you can either call our UK Customer Care Centre on 0333 999 2679 or medically screen and buy online.

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Depending on your chosen policy, you can select from several optional extras in the checkout including;

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“I was finding it difficult to get cover for myself and my wife – tried both Comparethemarket and Tesco’s who could not cover us. We are so pleased you are able to cover us and are delighted with the price you have quoted.”

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Blood Pressure Info

High blood pressure shouldn’t be a hugely restricting condition, especially when it comes to going away on holiday. At Insurancewith, we believe that everyone has the right to travel and with years of experience in insuring those with medical conditions, we understand any worries you might have about travelling along with any complications to having high blood pressure, such as also having high cholesterol too.

Although you might not feel like your high blood pressure is a condition worth insuring because it doesn’t bother you or it doesn’t need strict management like a lot of other medical conditions, it is essential that you buy medical travel insurance for it. Travel insurance is like a security that if the worst happens, you don’t have to worry about money, and you can focus on what’s important.

So should something go wrong whilst you were away, you fell ill and it had something to do with the medication you were on for your high blood pressure or directly related to the high blood pressure itself, you could find yourself on the end of some really expensive medical bills, had you not told your travel insurers about the condition. With Insurancewith medical travel insurance, not only is your condition covered, provided you tell us about it, but we provide cover for any incurred medical expenses and even cancellation charges should you have to return home.

Our innovative and award-winning medical screening programme ensures that each customer is given a bespoke quote based entirely on their individual medical situation and the risk they pose in going abroad, not a generic quote with a really high premium. Our prices are highly competitive and our cover is wide-ranging, offering you the best possible security for your trip.


If you have a question you need answering, why not take a look at our most frequently asked questions.

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