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Choir-singing helps the immune system fight disease

Whether it’s singing along in your car, in the shower or along to the radio at work, it’s long been known that singing can drastically improve your mood, but new research conducted by a team at Imperial College London, University College London and the Royal College of Music has found that singing for an hour can dramatically help you fight disease. Read more

Cancer Research UK head crowdfunding campaign

Visit any crowdfunding website and you’re likely to be embargoed with individual personal campaigns for people’s own travel plans, dreams and inventions. Some of these crowdfunding projects are wildly successful – films and plays have been made through sites like IndieGoGo and KickStarter, but now Cancer Research UK is adding a different dynamic to the popular websites. Read more

Language experts warn against using ‘language of war’ to describe cancer

The linguists at the university say that when language used by doctors and support networks describe cancer as the enemy, it is often considered unhelpful and alienating to those who are living with the disease. Read more

Electronic chip simulates cancer, tests treatments

Scientists at Purdue University in the United States have developed an electronic chip capable of mimicking the biological signature of a cancerous tumour – an invention which could have multiple potential uses within cancer research. Read more

Cancer survival rates soar

A new report has revealed that more people are surviving from cancer than ever before.

The proportion between the numbers of people who have been diagnosed in the past year, and the number of people who are still alive a year after being diagnosed has improved across all types of cancer, according to recently released figures from Public Health England’s National Cancer Intelligence Network. Read more

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