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Great-grandfather climbs Kili to raise money for cystic fibrosis

It’s not often that we hear stories in the news about great-grandparents raising money doing incredible physical challenges for charity, so this one is a bit special! Read more

Green tea is key element in breakthrough CF drug

Research has led to a potentially ‘game-changing’ medical breakthrough in how cystic fibrosis is treated using a substance more commonly found in green tea. Read more

New algorithm offers fresh insight into CF diagnosis and treatment

A recent study has presented an algorithm which is capable of recording improved imaging results for healthcare professionals to examine the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients by providing information at a microscopic level. Read more

Can Tai Chi help ease cystic fibrosis?

New research into the effects and potential benefits of Chinese martial art Tai Chi on cystic fibrosis sufferers has found that tai chi is one of many activities which benefits those suffering from cystic fibrosis. Read more

CF sufferer becomes champion bodybuilder

Cystic fibrosis is often a condition associated with often being so debilitating that sufferers have difficulty participating in sport and exercise.  However a man battling the condition has managed to control his illness and become a champion bodybuilder.

James Boudreau, from Michigan in the United States of America, has a lung capacity of just 48% and is nicknamed ‘The Miracle’ by those in the bodybuilding industry. He made it his life goal to become a champion bodybuilder after healthcare experts and his doctor told him he could be dead within two years if he didn’t have the lung transplant he desperately didn’t want to have. Read more

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