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‘Smart insulin’ provides hope for diabetes patients

New research has encouraged scientists working towards treatment for diabetes. A team of scientists are hopeful that newly-developed ‘smart-insulins’ could help completely transform the current way in which diabetics manage their condition. Read more

UK Research team close to finding ‘cure’ for diabetes

A UK-based research team at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead believe they are closer than ever to finding a cure for insulin-dependent diabetes. Read more

Diabetes drugs do not increase risk of bladder cancer

For years, healthcare experts have believed that there was a small risk of developing bladder cancer when patients use the diabetes drug ‘pioglitazone’, based on several studies using both animal and human participants. However, new research has revealed that there is actually no link between this medication for diabetic patients and bladder cancer. Read more

Diabetes could soon be detected using simple breath test

A breath test developed by Oxford University researchers could spot the early signs of Type 1 diabetes in children long before they start to show symptoms. Read more

Bradford diabetes campaign is huge success

A local campaign in Bradford which aims to tackle variables which contribute to the condition and also raise public awareness about diabetes has been hailed as a huge success by local leaders. Read more

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