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Eurostar reveals new train will slash journeys by up to 15 minutes

The Eurostar is a popular choice with country-hopping travellers who want to spend more time exploring their destination instead of travelling, so many Eurostar passengers will be pleased to hear that travelling between London and Paris will soon be shorter than the current journey time of 2 hours 15 minutes.

By the end of 2014, travellers will still be able to make the 306-mile trip to the capital of France through the Channel Tunnel in just two hours thanks to Eurostar’s newly-commissioned 200mph state-of-the-art train.

The new trains, which were built by German engineering firm Siemens can carry up to 900 passengers across Europe and will replace the current Class 373/1 trains which only run at 186mph.

Launched at St Pancras, the London station for Eurostar travel, earlier this week, the company announced that alongside the ten e320 trains they had commissioned – named so because they run up to a speed of 320kph – they would also be ordering a further seven to help commuters and travellers reach their destinations in a much shorter time.

The launch of the new trains is appropriately timed – it was on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Eurostar originally launching back in November 1994, when the Channel Tunnel had been freshly built. Back then, there were just two trains a day to and from Paris and London and the journey took two hours and 50 minutes, but now there are up to 17 services to Paris from the St Pancras station in London.

The e320 model of trains are being described by the company as ‘inter-operable’. They can navigate their way throughout the often complex and diverse signalling systems throughout Europe’s international rail routes which in turn can open up the potential for a whole new range of direct services between London and Ashford in the UK and multiple European city destinations in Europe.

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