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Macmillan’s #GiveUsABreak campaign

If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter recently, it’s likely that you’ve seen or heard of Macmillan’s latest campaign asking for fairer travel insurance for cancer patients.

Insurancewith was actually founded for this very reason, to fill the gap in the market where travel insurers were either refusing to cover you if you’d had cancer or were charging inflated prices to do so. We knew that most people weren’t going to need emergency medical treatment on their holiday just because of their cancer, so we’ve worked closely with the folk at tifgroup on their specialist risk rating tool, Protectif.

It’s this risk rating tool which makes Insurancewith different for so many people.

We don’t make assumptions about people’s medical conditions, we work with medical experts every day to ensure our staff and screening process is as informed, inclusive and up-to-date as possible.

We don’t charge you a huge amount extra just for mentioning something like cancer. We ask you questions surrounding your diagnosis, treatment, how you manage your condition and your lifestyle to better determine the ‘risk’ of going on holiday, and provide a price that reflects that. Most people don’t even have any additional cost for covering their medical conditions. In fact, some customers have saved up to 95% against other high street brands.

We don’t make commission on any additional premium you may have as a result of your medical screening. If there’s additional risk, we don’t make money off of that. To put it simply, we just don’t think that it’s ethical to make money off of your personal medical circumstances.

We don’t fit you into a box. The questions we ask are formed from years of development with the team at tifgroup, medical specialists, charities and valuable customer feedback. We don’t ask a few questions and assign you a price. We recognise that not every cancer experience is the same, so why would everyone be the same ‘risk’ to the insurer? You wouldn’t. If we can’t cover you for any reason, we let you know who can help.

We keep the customer at the heart of everything we do. We listen, we tailor, we go the extra mile, and we help you get away. Your feedback tailors our products and service until we know we’re providing every one of you with what you need. We also help people like our customers by donating to charity with every policy we sell.

Give us a try.

Although Insurancewith exists to help people with all sorts of medical conditions find affordable cover for their holiday, it’s accessibility to our type of cover that people need. Click here to share our homepage with your friends.


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