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Genetics linked to increased risk of ovarian cancer identified

A team of researchers at Brisbane’s Berghofer Medical Research Institute and the University of Cambridge have managed to identify six separate genes which increase a woman’s individual likelihood of developing ovarian cancer. Read more

Doctors appeal for national ovarian cancer guidelines

Doctors have appealed to the Government for national guidelines to be put in place to protect women from ovarian cancer. Read more

Scientists find new way to distinguish between ovarian tumours

A new test can help doctors identify ovarian cancer in patients easily and accurately which in turn will cut down on the instances of unnecessary and sometimes life-altering surgery. Read more

New research helps detect ovarian cancer earlier; offers personalised treatment

Ovarian cancer is widely known as the ‘silent cancer’ as in most cases, there are no symptoms until the condition has progressed to an advanced stage.

Over 7,000 women are diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK, so new research which has revealed new methods and clues to early detection of the disease, as well as personalised treatments, can offer hope to millions of women who are susceptible to ovarian cancer or those who are already suffering from it. Read more

Sun exposure could halve risk of developing ovarian cancer

Experts have revealed that exposing yourself to the right amount of UV rays and sunshine can actually decrease your risk of developing ovarian, oesophageal and pancreatic cancers by up to an astounding 50%. Read more

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