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Older prostate cancer patients benefit more from combination treatment

A new American study has revealed that adding radiotherapy to existing hormone therapy treatment plans for prostate cancer patients could help save hundreds of lives. Read more

HIV treatment said to slow spread of prostate cancer

A drug currently used to treat HIV has been said to ‘dramatically’ slow the spread of prostate cancer. Read more

Vitamin D helps stop prostate cancer growth

Getting a little bit more sunshine in your life could help prevent prostate cancer from growing, new research has revealed.

Scientists have found that vitamin D, often known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, boosts a gene which blocks bodily chemicals which often encourage tumour growth. Read more

Saliva test to detect risk of prostate cancer to be available in 5 years

A British research team have discovered the 100th gene for prostate cancer, leading experts to believe a genetic test for the condition could be developed within just five years. Read more

Testing for prostate cancer – more harm than good?

Recent research has suggested that regularly testing men for signs and symptoms of prostate cancer could cut deaths from the disease by more than 20 per cent, but some sources have suggested that such a huge number of tests could lead to some treatments being carried out needlessly. Read more

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