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Social app helps out lonely travellers

Many of us will only travel once a year for that special family holiday, but when you’re back and forth between airports for business, travel can become rather lonely.

This is where ‘HelloTel’ come in. It’s an app you can download on your smartphone which connects to the internet and allows you to turn any hotel into a potential social networking opportunity.
If you think it sounds a bit like other social applications like Tinder, then you’d be half right. Instead of comparing and messaging potential love matches, HelloTel isn’t entirely focused on providing you with romantic options. Instead, you can go through your hotel’s list, chat to other guests, post photos, update your status and opt in for socialising or for business networking. – allowing the app to narrow down whether you’re looking for some company, friends or just a networking opportunityThe app works like this – you create a profile by connecting it to your Facebook page and select your hotel from a read-made menu to ‘check in’ on the social platform. Afterwards, you’ll have a timeline or news feed of everyone else using the app who is checked into your hotel or a hotel nearby.

On the application’s website, it states that “HelloTel is a mobile app that turns any hotel check-in into a rich social network. Create a profile automatically by connecting to Facebook or creating your own HelloTel App login.”

This app proves to be ideal for travellers looking to meet up with people before big business conferences, or who have been arranging business all day and just want someone to share a drink with.

The app will let you interact, meet new friends, post pictures and even private message other users. One thing’s for sure: travelling alone is about to get a lot less lonely”

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