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Bury St Edmonds market trader raises thousands for charity

A father-of-two from Bury St Edmonds has managed to raise thousands for a cancer charity by bravely having his hair shaved off next to his tool and hardware market stool. Read more

Research teams develop mini stomachs from stem cells

Scientists have managed to develop miniature stomach organs from stem cells, in order to study how gastric diseases such as ulcers and stomach cancer develop and grow. Read more

Everyday food affects stomach cancer risk

A new study has shown that an individual’s diet has a significant amount to do with their correlated risk of developing stomach cancer. Read more

Botox used to suppress stomach cancer

Leading world researchers from the Columbia University Medical Centre in New York have found that botox, the injection renowned for providing the rich and famous with flawless, ageless skin, can be used as a treatment for stomach cancer. Read more

Stomach cancer categorised; leads hopes for faster treatment

Scientists at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have identified stomach cancer into four different sub-types based on the mutations and molecular abnormalities that each one holds. Experts in the field say that the new classification of stomach tumours promises to advance clinical research and development of improved and more importantly – specific – treatment for each individual type. Read more

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