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Statins significantly reduce risk of stroke for women

A new study has shown that a significant proportion of women receiving statins as medical treatment have also had their risk of developing heart disease or suffering from a stroke slashed. Read more

Brain scans post-stroke can detect future risk

Experts have said that all patients who have suffered a stroke should be given a brain scan as soon as possible after the event happens, which can also help predict the risk of another stroke occurring. Read more

World Stroke Day highlights impact of strokes on women

A survey carried out by the Stroke Association showed that one in eight women within the United Kingdom believe that a stroke could never happen to them. In fact, over 30,000 women a year die from having a stroke, and the condition is the third leading cause of death in women in the UK. Read more

Aspirin slashes risk of stroke, say experts

A new study has claimed that taking aspirin regularly can help dramatically cut the chances of developing blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and deep vein thrombosis. Read more

Reduce your stroke risk and check your pulse

Atrial fibrillation, otherwise known as an irregular heartbeat, is a big contributing factor for a stroke, but it isn’t something people can always feel. In fact, many people with irregular heartbeats are unaware that they have one until a medical professional detects it. Read more

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