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Prostate Cancer Travel Insurance

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Every year about 36,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK. It accounts for a quarter of all newly diagnosed cases of cancer in men. So with so many people affected it’s surprising that many sufferers struggle to get travel insurance or pay excessive premiums which is most cases is just not necessary. Prostate cancer which is confined to the Prostate has an approximate survival rate of 90%. This considered it’s a wonder why so many insurers misunderstand the condition and are reluctant to insure it at a reasonable cost, if at all. Some insurers charge astronomical premiums because they don’t fully understand the actual risk.

At Insurancewith we do understand the actual risk and believe that everyone deserves a holiday, so in turn have designed a specific policy for people who have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. We have experience of insuring thousands of people with Prostate Cancer and have done so for the last 15 years. This means not only do you get a policy which gives you peace of mind for you and your family, it is reasonably priced and designed to cover you and your holiday. We offer worldwide policies, cruise specific policies, winter sports cover and can insure longer trips for those wishing to stay away for a while.

Your policy from Insurancewith will not only cover your camera, shoes, delayed flight and legal expenses, we can also cover up to £5 million pounds of medical expenses and repatriation cover, regardless of what stage of Prostate Cancer you have, how far into treatment you are or what surgery you have had and can offer travel insurance for customers still undergoing treatment.

Our trained medical screening advisers are able to offer confidential, friendly advice about our policy as well as specific risk assessment of your condition to offer you tailor-made travel insurance

If you have/had:

Surgery in the last few months including:.

The actual risk of travelling with Prostate Cancer on for example a 2 week holiday is often actually relatively low. However in the event of an emergency or the need for immediate Prostate cancer treatment abroad, Insurancewith have a Doctor led, worldwide 24 hour emergency assistance company who can organise and authorise your treatment, give medical and practical advice as well as arrange alternative flights and accommodation for you and your family until you are fit to travel home. They will also liaise with the treating Doctors and your specialist in the UK to ensure any proposed treatment is of a long term benefit to you, not just an immediate solution.

Enjoy the peace of mind of great coverage with the following range of specialised policy benefits looking after you:

For a confidential, specific and friendly quote please call our Insurancewith medical screening department on 0333 999 2679 or get a quote online. To obtain a quote you will need your medication details and be prepared with dates of diagnosis/surgery/treatment, our staff are trained to deal with your call as well as being experienced in speaking to people with Prostate Cancer every day and so we can assure you that your call will be sensitively and professionally handled.

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Available Policies

You can choose from one of the following travel insurance policies, to suit your travelling needs;

Optional Extras

Depending on your chosen policy, you can select from several optional extras in the checkout including;

  • Golf Extension
  • Fishing Extension
  • Wedding Extension
  • Cruise Extension
  • Hundreds of Sports & Activities
  • And many more…

“We are exceedingly grateful to insureancewith and have already written to the Daily Telegraph and sent notices to our GP surgeries and my hospital unit advising other patients of our experience. “

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Prostate Cancer Info

After a cancer diagnosis, planning to get away can be difficult and a little bit extra preparation and planning is required. Cancer can effect things like where you go, what you do and how you do them, but this shouldn’t hold you back from travelling.

If you’re planning on going abroad for your trip, make sure you invest in a travel insurance policy which covers your medical condition before you leave. Travel insurance not only covers important things like loss or delay of baggage, cancellation, having to come home early and liability expenses, but can also help pay for things such as medical bills should you fall ill or injure yourself on holiday. Travel insurance can be difficult to buy after a cancer diagnosis, with most companies reluctant to offer cover to someone who they consider would be  more likely to need to claim than others which means your quote can be quite expensive.

Insurancewith’s specialist prostate cancer policy specifically covers you should you fall ill with something related to either your medical condition or the medication or treatment you are receiving. We at Insurancewith understand that everyone deserves to have a holiday, whether they’re ill or not, which is why we designed this policy for you.

We have years of insuring customers with medical conditions which means we not only understand the difficulties and complications that people with prostate cancer have in getting away but we can also offer you a fair and affordable quote thanks to our innovative medical screening programme.

Our medical screening was designed for those who find they can’t always fit inside the boxes that some travel insurance questionnaires include. Our friendly and empathetic medical screening team understand your condition, and  although we may ask a few more questions than others, this results in a policy specific to your medical situation for a fair and affordable price.


If you have a question you need answering, why not take a look at our most frequently asked questions.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us where a member of the team will be waiting to help.

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