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Once you’re ready to commit, be sure to check out our checklist to kick start your preparations:

  • Make an appointment with your GP
  • Check the latest travel advice for your destination(s)
  • Book any relevant vaccinations
  • Scan your passport and officials documents to upload them to the cloud
  • Organise different sources of money
  • Register with the relevant embassies
  • Get travel insurance
  • Check the country’s VISA requirements, and any entrance/exit fees
  • Organise a phone with international capabilities
  • Find out what number you need to call in an emergency
  • Tell your card providers you’ll be heading abroad
  • Check baggage allowances
  • Put together a mini first-aid kit to take with you
  • Pack your clothes, toiletries, gadgets and any equipment you need
  • Pack a few home comforts
  • Have your GHIC up to date
  • Have enough medication with you in your hand luggage
  • Have any relevant medical letters with you in your hand luggage