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Dealing with cancer if you have young children

Dealing with cancer and its treatment is a hard old slog, but add to that also caring for a baby or children and that slog gets even harder.

I was talking about this very issue with my friends at Shine Cancer Support at our get together this week.  Looking back I don’t know how I coped, well I say I, what I mean is how my husband coped, when I was having chemotherapy, he was working fulltime looking after me and our 6 month old baby and with no family on the doorstep it was not an easy time.  Unfortunately, my situation was not unique there are many people out there struggling through cancer treatment and trying to take care of children, who will pick them up from school or look after them when you’re having your treatment or you are feeling too ill to even walk to the kitchen let alone the school or park.  Your husband or partner can’t keep taking time off work, the mortgage/rent still needs to be paid whether you have cancer or not.  And when things are already tight because you are on sick pay the cost of extra child care is just out of the question.

This issue was raised again when I went up to Newcastle yesterday to visit the cancer charity Fighting All CancerTogether (FACT), the visit was planned for me to talk to their members about cancer travel insurance.  After the talk I had a catch up with Joanne Smith the CEO and Founder of FACT, like me, when Joanne was diagnosed with cancer she had young children, so the conversation soon turned to how do people cope.  Joanne told me that she was frantically trying to raise donations so she could offer funds to pay for child care costs for people in this situation. 

As ever Joanne is on the case and I received this email this morning:

Cancer Support Charity FACT urgently needs to raise funds to provide care for children while their mothers have treatment for cancer. These children are as young as 9months old, and we need to provide care as soon as next week.

Imagine being a young mother and having no-one to look after your baby or toddler while you spend a day in hospital receiving your chemotherapy. All you want to do is beat the cancer that threatens your life so you can survive and bring up your children, and yet without childcare you are struggling to even receive treatment. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT A MOTHER SHOULD HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHEN FIGHTING CANCER.

This is MY PERSONAL APPEAL to YOU to make a donation to help FACT set up a fund to begin to help young families in this situation.

Please visit my Just Giving page and make a donation – every penny counts. I know what it is like to be diagnosed with cancer, and wonder if you will survive to see your children grow up. To wonder if you will be there to love and cuddle them, to laugh with them and to dry their tears.

PLEASE PLEASE help FACT help mothers be there to do the most important job in the world…….. help them survive cancer so they can be mothers for many years to come.

Thank you so much in anticipation of your support.


If you can help in any way please visit Joanne’s Just Giving page, any amount no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.
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