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We, at Insurancewith, understand that your medical diagnosis does not define you, and should not determine whether or not you can enjoy a holiday. Travelling with dementia or leaving somebody back home who has a diagnosis can be a worry, but our travel insurance cover is there to reassure you every step of the way.

Mental illness has been a taboo topic for travel insurance companies for many years, leaving people fearing buying travel insurance and travelling without the right level of cover. But this is no longer the case here at Insurancewith, we treat mental illnesses the same as physical ones, and are happy to provide you with a dementia travel insurance quotation.

Why do you need dementia travel insurance?

Travel insurance is there to protect you should the unexpected happen. Having to cancel a holiday or needing emergency medical assistance abroad can cost thousands of pounds – and without the appropriate travel insurance cover in place, you may be left to pay the bill.

By looking at medical risks individually, rather than assuming everyone with the same diagnosis has similar experiences, we can offer cover at a price that will suit your budget. If you need medical help abroad, we could cover for:

Policy benefits

There are a number of benefits to taking out an dementia insurance policy with us. Some of the most important include:



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Single trip cover levels

We have a variety of cover levels available, dependent on what your needs are. Our three main levels are:

For further information about our cover levels please click here.

Why choose Insurancewith?

87% *of our customers rated us 5 star
1000'sof medical conditions covered
Charity donation with every policy sold
£10m cover for medical emergencies
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Dementia travel insurance FAQ's

Can I get travel insurance cover for dementia?

Yes, Insurancewith can offer cover for dementia. We are proud to individually risk assess each customer’s condition, rather than assuming everyone with the same diagnosis has a similar experience. This means we are able to offer cover at a price that other may not be able to match. We also offer a one-to-one screening service for conditions that are a little more complex, where you can have a conversation with one of our specialist medical underwriters about your individual situation.

Will my travel insurance policy cover a relative back home with dementia?

Yes. If you need to cancel your holiday or come home early due to a change in a relative’s medical condition, that was deemed stable at the time you booked your holiday and brought your travel insurance policy, or a new diagnosis you will be able to submit a claim.

Am I covered if I need medical treatment abroad due to my dementia?

As long as your dementia is covered under your travel insurance policy you will be covered for emergency medical expenses relating to your diagnosis whilst you are abroad. This includes, but is not limited to; ambulance costs, triage, treatment, hospital stays, aftercare and repatriation.

What if I need to cancel my holiday because of dementia?

If your dementia is covered under the medical section of your travel insurance policy and there is a change in your condition or it is a new diagnosis and we are no longer able to provide cover or you no longer wish to travel, you will be able to submit a claim for cancellation under your travel insurance policy.

*Based upon Trustpilot’s 2019 data.