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Welcome Back Greig!

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Sarah Page

Those of you familiar with the Insurancewith blog here will know that we regularly post updates on Greig Trout, an inspiring double-cancer survivor aiming to fulfil a list of 101 Things To Do When You Survive – by travelling all over the world! Read more

Not Your Grandma’s Cancer Show Podcast

Posted on July 22, 2015 by Sarah Page

Our friends at Shine Cancer Support offer incredible support for those diagnosed with cancer in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s throughout the UK and Ireland, and they also host a fun podcast called ‘Not Your Grandma’s Cancer Show’, aimed at sharing experiences and information with other young adults with cancer. Read more

101 Things: Greig’s New Zealand Highlights

Posted on June 10, 2015 by Sarah Page

For those of you that follow Greig and his incredible mission to fulfil his ‘anti-bucket list’ of 101 Things to do When You Survive, you’ll know that our favourite Scot traveller has a bit of a soft spot for all things geeky! Read more

101 Things to Do When You Survive: Down Under Update

Posted on March 20, 2015 by Sarah Page

At the end of last year, we caught up with Greig Trout on his second leg of travels fulfilling his 101 Things To Do When You Survive anti-bucket list. Insurancewith have been sponsoring him since he started travelling to fulfil this list in 2013. Since the end of last year though he’s been on a few more adventures – this time around New Zealand, so we thought we’d catch up with him again. Read more

Rip Off Britain: Holidays

Posted on January 08, 2015 by Sarah Page

This week’s Rip Off Britain programme focused on holidays, and featured a piece about people having to pay two or three times more for travel insurance for illnesses that are firmly in the past – something which can often restrict your travel plans. We’re really proud that Insurancewith were featured as a realistic alternative for people looking for an affordable travel insurance policy which covers their medical condition. Read more

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